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Mirage™ M-115

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  • Long radius, up to 100 ft.
  • Selectable radius and flow range
  • 4" deep "sod-cup" for either synthetic or natural turf applications
  • Full or part circle (part circle 30°-360°)
  • Block style or electric valve-in-head models


For larger areas where irrigation must be installed within the playing area, the Underhill™ Mirage™ M-115 sprinklers cover a lot of ground and pull a disappearing act when not in use. A very impressive long-throw sprinkler in it’s own right, the M-115 Series is most noted for the extra large 4" (101 mm) deep sod cup cover which holds a 9" (229 mm) diameter section of natural grass. It is virtually invisible when not in use allowing athletes to enjoy the nearly seamless playing surface, while enhancing their performance and reducing injury.

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