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Mirage™ MTG-180

Mirage™ MTG-180
  • Long radius up to 180' (55m) @ 115 Psi (8 bars)
  • Lightweight, yet well constructed makes it very portable
  • Full or part circle (part circle 30°-360°)
  • Block style only
  • A low-cost alternative to a fully automated system 


The Underhill Mirage™ MTG-180 sprinklers cover a lot of ground offering a low-cost alternative to irrigate a playing field for projects on tight budgets or for dust control or equine applications. Whether its pole-mounted or used with quick disconnects with a valve box kit, the MTG-180’s lightweight design makes it easily portable to move from one location to another.

With 6 nozzles sizes to choose from the MTG-180 can cover from 105-180' (32-55m) within a relatively close operating pressure range (60-115 Psi)–just one more alternative from the “Water Solution Provider”–Underhill.

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