Mirage™ 300 Series Valve

300 Series Valve Flange 3Qtr iso


The Mirage™ 300 Series valve is a component of Underhill’s “Total Solution” for the Mirage™ series product. This 3” valve is designed for high-volume flows while delivering very low-pressure losses. It is ideally suited for use with the M-160 sprinkler that can deliver upwards of 300 GPM with a flow loss of 1.5 Psi.


300 Series Valve Flange 3Qtr iso

Selectable Inlet/Outlet Configurations

Can be ordered with wafer connection w/ bolts, female IPT threads or Victaulic connections inlet and outlet configurations to meet any number of piping configurations

300 series electrically actuated


24 VAC electrically actuated solenoid (normally closed only), that is compatible with most control systems including AC 2Wire control systems.

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3-Way Selector Switch

Three-way selector switch allows the valve to be manually opened and closed while bypassing the electric solenoid.  Helpful function during installation before controller is installed or if troubleshooting is ever needed.

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Exceptional Flow/Friction Loss Characteristics

The sleeve valve design offers exceptionally low friction losses at high flow demands.  1.5 Psi at 300 GPM

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Total Solution Kits

Find out more about Underhill’s engineered Total Solution kits for the Mirage series product.


Ordering Information & Dimensions

Model Number Description Weight
Mirage 300 Series Sleeve Valves
CV-3-F-WS 3” Sleeve Valve w/ 24 VAC electric solenoid, Wafer connection w/ bolts. Manual On/Off Control and Internal filter – (most commonly specified) 24 lbs.
(10.8 Kg)
CV-3-T 3” Sleeve Valve w/ 24 VAC electric solenoid, NPT female threaded inlet/outlet. Manual On/Off Control and Internal Filter 26 lbs.
(11.7 Kg)
CV-3-V-WS 3” Sleeve Valve w/ 24 VAC electric solenoid, Victaulic Connection, Manual On/Off Control and Internal filter 26 lbs.
(11.7 Kg)
CV-2-F-WS 2" HDPE Sleeve valve w/ 24 VAC electric solenoid, Wafter conection w/o bolts.  Manual On/Off Control and Internal filter 15 lbs.(6.80 Kg)


Valve Dimensions 3” model – Inlet / Outlet diameter 3” (7.6 cm)
Valve Lengths Wafer Style – 7.3” (18.5 cm)
Thread Style – 9.8” (24.9 cm)
Victaulic Style – 10” (25.4 cm)
Wafer-style Bolt Dimensions 4 (qty) 5/8” diameter x 11” long w/ 8 nuts
Valve Operation Controlled by a rubber sleeve that is actuated by relief of hydraulic pressure. Relief can be via manual operation or electric actuation
3-way Manual Selector Three settings, “Auto”, “Open” and “Close” Open and close functions bypass the electric solenoid
Solenoid 24 VAC electric-actuated
Solenoid to Base Connection ¾” 20 UNEF threaded connection
Solenoid wire lengths 16 gauge wire x 30” long x 2 leads (0.32 mm diameter x 80 cm long)
Inlet / Outlet Configurations Wafer style w/ bolts, female IPT threads, Victaulic connection
Body Construction Aluminum with molded impact plastic
External Tubing ¼” diameter tubing of various lengths
External Fittings Metal, swivel compression fittings with male IPT threads
Needle Valve (optional) Installed in external tubing to lower valve closing speed to prevent water hammer conditions


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